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The Unlockables has been recognized by many players as one of the best immersive experiences in San Diego. And various travel sites and Escape Room review blogs awarded our games some of their top choices of the year.

YouTube and TV Features

The Unlockables was featured on our Local CBS Affiliate for the show “Milking San Diego” to showcase the excitement and fun of escape rooms. Featuring our most popular experience “The Escape”

The Unlockables was featured on the YouTube channel “Find Your Escape” showcasing Escape Room Venues and their Owners. Learn how the Owner got into Escape Room designing, his escape room experiences and his thoughts and plans to push the industry in a totally immersive direction.

The players have spoken! The Unlockables has had some amazing players come in and enjoy their experiences and leaving a review afterwards making the Unlockables one of San Diego’s Top rated escape rooms on Yelp!

Here are some Customer Reviews from our Yelp:

For more Reviews check out our Yelp Page: The Unlockables: A Puzzle Escape Experience

Carmina S. – Murrieta, CA

One of the best escape rooms I’ve experienced! We did The Escape, which was so immersive and had a really good story. We had a party of five (two of which have never done an escape room before) and we managed to finish with one minute to spare. It was a bit scary, but not like a jump scare type of horror – just a bit creepy.
All of the staff we interacted with were so friendly too! They let us know what to expect and provided unlimited hints (though we only used it 3 times).
I highly recommend this escape room and I’m excited to come again!!

Marita C. – Chula Vista, CA

This was my first escape room and I had tons of fun! We went as a group of 5 and did the informant! All the employees were really nice and gave us recommendations on escape rooms to try! While we were doing the puzzles, they were helpful in giving us hints but not giving us too many hints or not enough just the right amount! The themeing was good too! Definitely gonna try another one some day!

Danielle Z – Oceanside, CA

Just went with a group of 4 this past weekend and we had the BEST time!! Made it out in just under an hour.

This was the first escape experience for the four of us, so we had no idea what to expect. The puzzles were challenging without being impossible and the storyline flowed well. I liked that you had to figure out some things independently and work as a team on others.

I definitely liked that we didn’t have to work with strangers ( like most escapes found on groupon). I think that would make an escape more challenging and not in a good way.

Overall, we all had an excellent time and can’t wait for the next room to be finished so we can come back!

Thank you Edwin

Brandon-roy S – Chula Vista, CA

Awesome escape game/room!

Edwin and the staff was super helpful and nice to us throughout the entire experience.

The room is super immersive,  and the storyline is awesome. The puzzles were fun to solve and were challenging without being too hard to solve. They even incorporate a lot of pop culture in the game,  which makes the game even cooler.  Overall,  the entire experience was an awesome one and I highly recommend them!  My group was a group of 4 and we escaped with 5 minutes to spare.

Amanda C – San Diego, CA

I wish I could give 10 stars we had so much fun!!

Okay so this was my first experience with an escape room, but I already know it’s going to be hard to find another one that is awesome as this one was!!

I was looking for an escape room for my team to do before our holiday dinner as part of our holiday fun and as a team bonding experience, there were more than I thought to choose from in San Diego, but after reading many review and outlines of different games provided by each it seemed that The Unlockables went out of their way to do their research to give you the best experience as a whole, and Edwin and his team surely lived up to everything I read and then some.

I felt there was a great balance of fun, team work, puzzles, and sense that we were really in this story line. Edwin made sure as our first time to an escape room that it was memorable for us. It was amazing in how detailed everything was and real, and wasn’t just 1 room like I thought we’d be in, so made it super fun with so much to do and solve. I really can’t say enough how much fun we had with out going to much into detail. We were a group of 6 girls from our mid twenties to thirties and I can imaging having just as much fun with my family as well, so whatever group you have definitely visit The Unlockables as either your first Escape Room or put it on top of your list if you have already tried out others.

Thank you again, and can’t wait to go back to try out other rooms with you!

Trisha S – San Diego, CA

I have done quite a few escape rooms now in San Diego and this one has to be the best by far. They level of detail that is put into the Unlockables Escape Room is just wonderful. The team is very friendly and helpful. Some of my teammates were nervous when they heard you start out blindfolded, but you feel very safe throughout the experience and really that part of it makes it so much more exciting! I definitely recommend trying this one out!

Jason R – Chula Vista, CA

TOP THREE!! The Unlockables has one of the best escape rooms I have ever played. What separates it from the rest? Immersion, puzzle quality, and customer service.

After doing around 35 rooms, I have seen a lot of companies use puzzles taken from  books or the internet, not here. Everything was thought up by the owner, how do I know? Because I have never seen anything like it. Additionally, the puzzles have a great flow and tie perfectly into the story line. It cannot be stressed how rare this is.

The Unlockables have created a game that makes you feel like your in a movie. Three minutes after we started I forgot I was in San Diego, I was now trying to escape from a random location with my life.

My teammates and I are eagerly awaiting the opening of their next room and I can assure you we will be one of their first customers. It would be worth coming to San Diego just to play their game, seriously.

Kristin M – San Diego, CA

I’ve done five escape rooms now and this was by far my favorite immersion experience. I’m almost a little sad I already did it, because I’m afraid it will never be that good again. Edwin was amazing! You can tell that he is a hardcore escape room enthusiast and he takes great pride in the room he designed (as he should!).

This escape room is different that any I’ve ever done, but without giving too much away it is the most realistic and exciting immersion that I have done by far. I love that it is a private room, so you don’t have to work with strangers. The detail that went into the lighting and sound effects definitely did not go unnoticed and it brought so much to the overall feel of the room.

We had a group of 4 and there was definitely plenty to keep all of us busy for the entire time figuring out different things. We escaped with 1 minute left to spare, which honestly made it even better. Again, I don’t want to spoil anything – just take my word for it and check it out. You will not be disappointed. Props to Edwin and his team for the amazing design that went into this place. I can’t wait for the next one!

There is parking lot for the building, so parking is really easy. You can see the entry door on the top floor, so it’s not difficult to find either.

Thank you guys again for the most fun I’ve had in a while. I’m incredibly impressed with this room. Can’t say enough good things!

These are just some of our Great Reviews we are thankful for. If you feel that we are just highlighting on the good ones, check out our Yelp page and see for yourself. We took a lot of pride and care to make sure we made a memorable experience for our players and a big thank you to these wonderful players for the kind words and for having fun with us.