For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What exactly is a puzzle room?

A: The basic premise of a “Puzzle Room” is having our players locked in a room and you as the player(s) work as a team to solve mind-bending puzzles to escape the room.

Q: What kind of puzzles we going to solve?

A: The most common type of puzzle in most escape room are locks (key, combination, letter-code, alpha-numeric, directional, etc) Most escape room puzzles will lead you to open a lock, it’s up to you to figure out what clues lead you to what lock. Also, the word “Lock” is used loosely, because a “Lock” doesn’t necessarily mean one of those mentioned.. that’s where your creative thinking mind comes in.

Q: Are the puzzles hard?

A: That depends on you. You’ve got to use your thinking cap. Also, that’s why you have a team there with you. Remember, everyone sees things different, where you might see something blue, another may notice the number of something it has. So everyone has something to bring. Also, no trivial knowledge will be needed for anything, if there is a bit of information that you would need, it will be provided to you in the room somehow. Basic math is probably your best pre-requisite, anything more than that, we’re pretty sure you’re over-thinking it.

Q: Is your room Scary?

A: Probably one of our most asked questions. The easiest answer is NO. With that said, we are a game, we want to challenge you, not scare you. Sure, the theme is “Murder Mystery Horror Mansion” so there may be a slight creepy factor involved, but remember we are just a game, we are not a “Haunted”-type of experience.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Just bring yourself and an open mind. Remember we are all about the experience, as you solve the puzzles the game becomes deeper and the story more interesting.

Q: What are the days/times available to book a game?
A: Our games are available to play year round. We only provide PRIVATE games, so if a game is booked we do not allow any other team to be added to your experience.

Please refer to our booking calendar on our website for availability at www.areyouunlockable.com/bookings

Q: How big can my team be?
A: Each room has a Minimum and Maximum also with a recommended size. We do always recommend keeping it close to the recommended and never going above the maximum to ensure the best experience possible for your game.  If you would like to organize a session (or two) of the room with a larger party such as for a birthday or corporate team-building, please contact us: areyouunlockable@gmail.com

Q: What if my team is small? Will my team be paired up with a random group?
A: As long as you meet the minimum amount of players for the experience, you will not be paired with any random group. All of our bookings are private games.

Q: Is there an age limit to play?
A: Any players under the age of 18, MUST be accompanied with an adult, must sign the waiver for the player and understand the game design and theme prior to playing. Please contact us if there is any concern.

Q: Will photos/video be allowed?
A: ABSOLUTELY NO photos or video will be allowed in the room, but you’re more than welcome to take photos in the lobby area.

Q: When should I arrive?
A: Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your session.

Q: What if I’m late?
A:  Sessions start promptly at the designated time and you will not be able to join your group once a session has started. No refunds will be given if you are late. No exceptions.

If the entire group is late, the time allowed in the Experience will be cut short. As we cannot push another team back due to late arrivals.

Q: What’s parking like?
A: Parking is in the back of the building and very well lit. Tea N More and Ajisen Ramen are point of references if you cannot see our location from the street. There’s also off-street parking alongside Ruffner Street and Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Q: Is there somewhere nearby to hang out and wait? Can we get food and drinks?
A: There are lots of great places nearby to get coffee, food and drinks! In fact, we’re in walking distance of Creamistry, Rubios, Carl’s Jr., Tea N More, Lolita’s, Tea Station and the popular Ajisen Ramen. Please be sure to allow enough time to get to your game time and be mindful of your alcohol consumption, as we do not admit intoxicated people.

Q: How much does it cost to play?
A: Please refer to our booking calendar, pricing and availabilities are displayed there.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: We have a 24 hour cancelation policy. No refunds offered within 24 hours of booking. Please contact us if you have to cancel or rebook.

Q: Other questions?
A: Click on the link to contact us areyouunlockable.com/contact