THE UNLOCKABLES is a new Puzzle Escape Experience that is designed specifically with a gamer mentality. Designed and tested with a team who has combined total of over 800+ Games played.

We asked the team, what aspects of the game make or break a room. And the number one answer was the Experience. So we focused on making sure our experience is a memorable one.

With the number of “Escape Rooms” & “Puzzle Games” opening up in the Southern California Area, WE wanted to do something different. So we took aspects of things we liked doing in our favorite escape rooms, and built them into ours.

We found that a sense of urgency, a sense of drama and a whole lot of communication is what makes a room special. You’re not here to do homework, so we will NOT give you any handouts. We want you to stand there perplexed for a moment looking at the puzzle in front of you and realize that it is much more, and part of a bigger picture we are trying to paint for you.

As fellow Gamers and Geeks, we aim to make our games an experience. A true “Real Life” video game, A true “Escape” room. Take what you know about escape/puzzle rooms and leave them at home…


With over 100+ Games played by most of  our staff and over 450+ Games played by the owner, we love to recommend our players to other games locally and throughout Southern California. Even after you play our games, we want you to continue to keep playing great experiences! Feel free to ask us about any game recommendations!

Here is a look behind the scenes at The Unlockables & SUBScape Games (Our Sister Company), we create each of our experiences from the ground up! Puzzle Design, Audio/Video, Set Design, Dynamic Prop Programming and much much more. Our team is dedicated to learning and creating new and exciting puzzles to push our creative boundaries and to entertain our players.

Here are a few of our escapes…