July Update

Hello there fellow and future players! We wanted to give you a quick update on how things are progressing here are the Unlockables. Construction is going well, we are proud to say we are about 80% done with construction, the team has been working long furious hours to get the bones up so we have a playground for our players to work ... More

Our first Walk-In

Today we were deep into construction, when the front door opened up. We thought it was one of our friends coming to help. Turns out it was a couple who came in wanting to know more about our game. Our first walk-in! Yay. What's funny is, I did the exact same thing with our partners Divergent Realities, we walked in way before their open ... More

Asian Cultural Festival

A big shout out to the Asian Cultural Festival and to Gam3rCon for promoting us at their booth! I hear it was a great time for everyone and we look forward to meeting more players in the future. But for now demolition is done and we are ready for construction. Cheers! More

Hello world!

Today the Unlockables officially partnered with Divergent Realities and will be opening our doors the last week of July. We can't wait to meet you all and have you play our games. We will keep you updated here as to where we are in our progress. Cheers! More