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Deja Vu – Escape ERA – San Diego, CA

QUICK OVERVIEW GAME INFORMATION / STORY: It feels like you've been here before, but you can't remember. Can you solve the mysterious case of Deja Vu? TIPS AND OTHER INFORMATION: Remember, this is a non-linear game, make sure you divide your group accordingly and work on separate puzzles, it will be ... More

Chocolate Factory – Boss-Play Escape – Oceanside, CA

QUICK OVERVIEW GAME INFORMATION / STORY: You have found one of the Golden Tickets and the day has come to take The Chocolate Factory Tour.  Will you resist the temptation to steal the top secret recipes? Come find out. TIPS AND OTHER INFORMATION: In the room there is a small transition between ... More

Steal & Escape – Mysterious Stranger – San Diego, CA

QUICK OVERVIEW GAME INFORMATION / STORY: You live a simple life in a simple time. Nothing out of the ordinary happens to you, until now. Five minutes ago you received a mysterious phone call. The caller stated that they work for the government and they need your help. Your neighbor has been detained and ... More

July Update

Hello there fellow and future players! We wanted to give you a quick update on how things are progressing here are the Unlockables. Construction is going well, we are proud to say we are about 80% done with construction, the team has been working long furious hours to get the bones up so we have a playground for our ... More