San Diego’s Premiere Puzzle Escape Experience that is designed for Gamers by Gamers. A truly immersive experience, take what you know about Puzzle Escape Rooms and throw them out the window, that is, if you can find one to throw it out of. Our goal is to put our players directly into our storylines. Not only will you be playing for the ultimate goal to escape in mind, but your decisions and actions during the game can affect the outcome of your ending. Each of our stories have unique themed puzzles and an immersive storyline, both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Do you think you have what it takes? Are you….Unlockable?

***NOTICE: If you had received one of our fliers with the promo code, please note that the address is incorrect. We are at 7380 not 7830***

  • EXPERIENCE ONE: The Escape... (4-10 Players)

    FEAT The Escape

    You’ve been captured. But why? In this story, find out why you and your team has been captured, and what your captors plan to do with you. It’s a race against time, you notice that your captors leave at the exact same time everyday for exactly an hour. Now’s your chance, escape but remember.. Don’t get caught.


    REQUIREMENTS: Light Crawling, Light Climbing and Dark Areas


  • EXPERIENCE TWO: Negotiations... (3-8 Players) (COMING SOON)

    What was supposed to be a fun night out with friends, turns into something wild in the end. Someone’s gone a little off on the deep end and has taken people hostage. It is up to you, team that happens to be at the right place at the right time. He has these innocent people hostage and ONLY YOU can save them. In this fast paced adventure, you will have to follow his orders, create a distraction and eventually locate and arrest this mad man before any more of your team gets… “taken out”.



  • EXPERIENCE THREE: Cyber-War... (2-8 Players) (COMING SOON)

    Your elite team of Hackers are running some servers and following the data trails, when you come across some files that puts one of the most prominent companies in the world into a compromising situation. And this company just traced you and put a lock on your IP Address. Now you must use all your tricks and hack your way into their servers steal their agendas the company must fufil their agendas before they are stolen by the hackers.. its a race against time, who will win this Cyber-War???

    Player vs Player: In this game, players will choose a side to play Hacker or Company and try to finish their objectives first. The first team to do so wins.